Linux Frame Buffer application development with ezfb

Linux Frame Buffer application development with ezfb |

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    Linux Frame Buffer application development with ezfb
    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to introduce you to a very nice Linux Frame Buffer API. I wrote called ezfb.

    It is written in C so you can use it with C or C ++ development.

    It acts like a bit like it is object oriented. It can adapt to just about any kind of [video card + frame buffer settings] it will ever encounter.

    You first need to make sure your Linux kernel is compiled with frame buffer support. Many distribution of Linux include a kernel that is built for frame buffer support. This includes many of the distributions that run on the Raspberry Pi!

    It is a fake file in the / dev / directory usually called / dev / fb. If you open this file with binary read and write access you have complete control over the RAM on your video card!

    If you have multiple video cards in your system, ezfb can find them all and control them independently!

    With ezfb you instantiate a C struct of the type ezfb. When you do, it polls the video system and populates a set of variables, including a set of function pointers that allow you to communicate with the video system regardless of the resolution or the color depth.

    You can plot points, draw lines, arcs, outlined or filled rectangles, put all or part of bitmap images on the screen, drop text on the screen and save the screen as a bitmap file. These are just some of the things it can do. You can also render in the RAM that is not visible and then switch to it in an instant (double buffering) ... and so on ...

    ezfb is free and open source. It comes with some instructions and example applications.

    Please feel free to ask me anything about it!

    Have fun!
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